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  1. I just learned of your practice Dr. Erica Elliott through a friend now living in Santa Fe. Thanks for working with environmental illnesses and beyond. I am one of the canaries trying to find a “safe” enough home to live. I have a question. Do you have experience with or perspective on LENS Neurofeedback. Any resources or links that you value/trust would be most appreciated.

    • Thank you for your comment, Jill. I don’t usually answer medical questions in this forum, but I can say that neurofeedback can be very beneficial. I have done it myself with great benefit. If you go through my past medical posts, you will see that I have talked about it in several places. Many good wishes to you, Erica

  2. hi erica – something happened (and I have no idea how this happened or when) and I have no longer been receiving the email notifications of your news posts….very distressing. I don’t know if this is some kind of chronic problem and others are missing out on all of this beauty but thought I’d re-enlist and let you know that something, somewhere is amiss.

    love you….sidney

    • ps – I check my spam folder regularly and there has never been anything in there relating to you or the blog.

      me again

    • I don’t understand why this is happening to so many of the readers. But, I suggested to my sister that she go back through her emails and find the last email notification that a new blog was posted and then put that email address in her contact list. That seemed to solve the problem. There are so many glitches with this server. I’m really sorry. Love, Erica

      • and, it’s been over 24 hours since I re-entered my email address to get added back on and I have not received a confirmation email……….I’ll try your suggestion.


  3. Hello,I wish I could have been a patient of yours before you stopped taking new patients. But I am greatful for your website and the knowledge you have passed on through it. I was pretty close to giving up on life. You have inspired me to keep trying to get well.Thank you, Ronda

    • Dear Ronda, I so wish I could take you on as a patient, but my practice is very full. I’m relieved that you won’t give up and will keep trying. If you want some inspiration, you could read the ten-part series I wrote about a snowboarding accident. The beginning few posts are very disturbing but then the story evolves into transformation which I hope will give you some useful tools and inspiration. I went back in time and relived that nightmare by writing it down in hopes that the story would help others who suffer terribly. Here’s to your journey toward wellness. With love, Erica

  4. Listened to Winter of Wellness and wanted your blog of wisdom. Would “Charlotte’s Web” be good for arthritic pain in knees? Right now, I’m just taking Tylenol. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your sharing on the Shift Network’s 2016 Winter of Wellness this week, and as a result am subscribing to your blog. Bless you for the amazing commitment and authenticity you’ve brought to your work and walk with in your Life. Blessings!

  6. Hi Erica,

    My friend Carol Norris turned me on to your blog. I’m glad she did! Thanks for sharing the information in such a lovely, personal way.


  7. Heard your ‘health minute’ on KSFR, Kudos!!, great job getting out the real information.
    Thank you for your courage.

  8. Erica, how fabulous… congratulations and thanks for sharing your beauty, love, life, and inspiration this way!
    Gratitude and blessings..

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