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Here is the link to the 10 minute TEDx talk I gave in Albuquerque on September 11, 2015, at Popejoy Hall. The topic is about living in co-housing.

If you’d like to see the YouTube video, 8 minutes long, of the All Women’s Expedition I led to the top of Denali in 1980, after my first year of medical school, click here

Here is a link to the story “Spirit Guide” that was published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, January-February 2016, Volume 12, issue 1, pg 63-64. Executive editor Larry Dossey, MD.

The Explore Journal also published another article I wrote: The Relationship Between Resistant Tachycardia and Treatment for GERD

The Green Fire Times published an article I wrote, called “Healing with Honey,” in the February 2016 edition, page 24. Here’s the link: In February 2017, they published another article I wrote about the human micro biome.

They also published an article I wrote about coping with the post election of Trump in 2016






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  1. Dr. Elliott -just listened to your informative and inspiring Winter Wellness interview from Norm Shealy. I am an old-time resident of Madrid NM and feel like NM is my “spiritual home.” I have written a humorous song and posted it on Youtube on the subject of indoor pollution. I think you will enjoy it. Below is the link:

    Let me know what you think and/or if you can use it in anyway.

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