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Erica M. Elliott, MDErica Elliott is a physician in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a private practice specializing in family and environmental medicine. She has been referred to as a “Health Detective,” drawing from a wide range of disciplines, both mainstream and alternative, to diagnose and treat many different types of illnesses, often difficult to identify. She has successfully treated problems that do not respond to pharmaceutical drugs or other conventional treatments. Trained initially in Western medicine, she also relies on traditional and alternative methods of healing from around the world. Her unique approach to treating her patients requires her to customize each treatment specifically to that person’s ailment, while at the same time addressing the health of the whole person.

Dr. Elliott came to medicine later than most medical students after pursuing other careers and interests. She taught  4th grade on the Navajo Reservation, nutrition and bilingual education to the Quechua-speaking Indians in South America while serving in the Peace Corps, and mountaineering and rock climbing with Outward Bound. The years she has spent living in foreign cultures, both as a child and an adult, enables her to bring a fresh perspective to her work.

Besides her comprehensive knowledge of medicine, Dr. Elliott also offers emotional and spiritual support to her patients. Surviving a life-changing accident that resulted in her own unbearable suffering, Dr. Elliott can wholeheartedly and unflinchingly embrace the difficulties of her patients with great compassion and empathy. From her personal history, she brings to her medical practice an uncommon understanding of the human condition.

Dr. Elliott’s unrelenting curiosity has led her on many eye-opening—and heart-opening— adventures that continue to provide fodder for her upcoming memoir.

To learn more about her medical background, you can visit her website at www.ericaelliottmd.com



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  1. Dr Elliot, so much gratitude for spending that few minutes on the phone with me regarding my chronic sinusitis. For the first time in almost four months you’ve given me a hopeful path to pursue. How lucky your patients are to have such a caring, empathetic and knowledgeable physician! Many thanks, Lisa

    • Thank you for your kind words, Lisa. It’s always hard for me to turn people away whom I know I could help. I hope you find the medical blog posts useful. Many blessings on your path toward wellness. Erica

  2. Erica –
    I’ve been reading your blog and am now purchasing a Heavenly Sauna! I’ve developed a rather large (softball size) fibroid and I don’t want to have surgery. Do you have recommendations for alternative therapy to reduce the size of the fibroid?

    • Hi Wendy, Unfortunately, I can’t give medical advice on the internet. It’s not conducive for practicing good medicine. I can say only that in the hands of an acupuncturist that specializes in women’s health, sometimes they get good results. You got the fibroids because you are estrogen dominant, so avoiding estrogen-mimicking chemicals (most toxins and plastics and pesticides) and reducing your body burden of these chemicals through sauna is a good idea. Best wishes, Erica

  3. Good Morning Erica

    I found you through contacts with Joan Borysenko. I am a retired medical psychologist and part native American. I have so much enjoyed reading your stories, it makes me realize how the native cultures survived for thousands of years with their beliefs and cosmology and our western culture is in major chaos after a couple of hundred.

    I have often lost the “Red Road” and become blinded by the daily responsibilities and activities and you story of the mountain lion brought tears of remembrance to my eyes.I know and have experienced profound spiritual connections and then forgot…thank you for being a messenger of remembrance.

    I look forward to reading more of you thoughts and life experiences.


    • Dear Dr. Rik, I’m so happy that you found my blog posts meaningful to you. If you hang in there, eventually I’ll be writing about my years living with the Navajo People, some of the most significant years of my life. With many blessings, Erica

  4. I know your not taking new patients but do you have a waiting list? I am 44 years old and I have a variety of medical problems. One of which is very bewildering. . . . I had gone to Florida for holistic drug rehab in West Palm Beach Florida for addiction to pain pills. . . While I was sitting during an NA meeting I noticed the muscle on my right arm was hard as a rock. . . Fast forward two months I woke up one morning and I was unable to use my arm from the shoulder to the elbow, the muscle had detiotated and was completely gone. . How did I not notice the detiotation? Also I have 6 herniated discs in my back, disc degernation, spinal fluids is leaking, I have great pain from both sciatic nerves. .. . Can you please refer a Doctor I can see if you are not accepting new patients? I do not want to see a nurse partitioner? I feel like a 90 year old woman. It’s very fustrating for me. I’ve always been very active.

    • Dear Valerie, I’m terribly sorry you’re having so much pain and puzzling symptoms. I think the best thing to do at this point is to go to a clinic that specializes in spinal problem. The Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix is very good. I wish you all the very best. Erica

  5. Hi. My younger brother Douglas Haines shared your San Antonio musing with me. I am Joy…FAHS ’64. Interested in that you are such a unique physician, that you are in Santa Fe (I was there recently for 5 weeks helping a rugby mate surveying Pecos Canyon) and that we have the Army in common. I am currently staying in Ronald McDonald House in Denver as our grandson was sent home from the hospital after weaning off all life supports after hour and 45 minutes of CPR result of routine catheter procedure, but breathed. He was in persistent vegetative state and hospital released him to hospice end of life care. Anyway….long story, but we are seeing progress. Know you don’t do doctoring on this blog, just interested in running a couple of things by you maybe next time I am in Santa Fe. BTW you are a stunning representative of our FAHS.

    • What a nice surprise, Joy. Thank you for your kind words. My heart aches for your grandson and your whole family. Sadly, I am not able to take on new patients at this time. I’m overwhelmed with over one thousand patients in my full-time medical practice. It’s very sad for me to turn people away, especially when I feel certain I could help them. But, if I end up with more patients than I can handle, I’m not able to give quality care. In any case, I will put your grandson in my prayers. With many blessings, Erica

  6. I understand. I hope you will post what ever solutions you try with your patient. Also if she would like to contact us we welcome her. Perhaps it would help both people. Thank you , Verda

  7. My husband suffers from neuropothy so severely in his legs and hands. Is there anything we can do to relieve his pain naturally.

    • Hi Debbie, this isn’t really the place for me to be giving out medical information. But, I will say briefly that medical marijuana has helped a lot of people which chronic pain. It’s something for you to consider. Many good wishes, Erica

  8. Dr, Elliot, I am reaching out to interesting and extremely curious open minded individuals such as yourself while looking for help for my husband who has Hyperacusis . An extreme condition where he hears everything much louder than it is. The ENT’s say it actually is a problem in the brain. He is doing tinnitus retraining therapy for 1 1/2 years but he is still having to live an isolated life. Have you heard of this and do you know of any cure or anyone who works with this? Thank you for any comments. Verda Fiorenza

    • Verda, I have a patient with hyperacusis. It is a nightmare for her. I am still searching for someone who can help her condition. I have tried many remedies with my patient and have not had success. We haven’t tried acupuncture yet. There is a kind of acupuncture called “scalp acupuncture” that might offer some help. There is a Chinese doctor who does this technique, but he is often gone on teaching tours around the world. Best wishes, Erica

      • Hello Erica. Thank you so much for your reply. I just got it.We did try accupuncture. Not what you are referring to I dont think, but she did use the points for tinnitus and the first session went well but during the second one his brain began reacting negatively with high ringing , anxiety ect.He said he feels so sorry for your patient and it is comforting just to know there are other people seeking solutions. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely , Verda Fiorenza

  9. Thank you for the total-flu-avoidance/treatment information. Really appreciate that, as I do not take the flu shots. However, I keep getting advised (professionally and otherwise) to take the shingles vaccine, which I have not yet done. The idea being that, at 69, I have entered the high risk group. I have been told that the vaccine will not prevent the shingles, but should make any occurrence less severe. I’m concerned that I might my response to the vaccine might be to actually get the shingles. I DO have a lifelong tendency toward cold sores – outside my mouth, inside my nose. Could you advise if you can find the time? Many thanks.

    • Kathy, I’m not able to give medical advice on the internet. And, as I mentioned in the flu vaccine post, I avoid telling my patients to get or not get vaccinated. Instead, I supply them with information so they can make their own choice. Many good wishes, Erica

  10. Dear Erica,
    My doctor wants to put me on statins because of my high cholesterol.Can you give me the names of the articles in the medical journals that will impress him enough to change his mind? He’s pretty closed-minded. Thank you, Phoebe

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